Our intensive therapeutic day camp program for children ages pre-K through 1st grade (4 to 6 years old) involves both OT and speech-language therapy components. The program operates at the Skills on the Hill & Capitol Kids Therapy offices in Capitol Hill: 405 8th St NE & 201 Massachusetts NE (Capitol Hill).

Children participate in the intensive group program for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for six weeks.  The morning session is led by occupational therapists and the afternoon session is led by speech-language pathologists.  Each week the children will participate in theme-based activities while further developing their social, fine & gross motor skills, auditory processing, receptive and expressive language, oral motor, and sensory processing abilities.

The program begins at 9am and wraps up at 3:00pm and will include a snack (provided) and lunch (packed by parents). Specific therapy goals for each child will be developed at the end of the first week and targeted during the following five weeks. At the end of the program, each family will be provided with a written report and a conference to discuss their child’s progress. Our program invites you to view the daily blog online so that you can experience your child's activities.  Selected photos and descriptions are posted to give you plenty of conversation starters for talking about your child's day.

The full day program is limited to 10 children.  Please contact us if you are interested in a half day option focusing on either discipline. All participants will be required to participate in a play date to ensure their needs and abilities are an appropriate match for the group.  Play dates are currently being scheduled, please contact us right away:  leslie.humes@capitolkidstherapy.com​

The six-week program fee is $5500 ($2950 payable to Skills on the Hill and $2500 payable to Capitol Kids Therapy).  Registration and a $1000 deposit by check to each practice are due by April 2nd and the remaining balance is due by May 1st.  Families will be provided with detailed invoices for insurance reimbursement, however coverage is not guaranteed. Prior to contacting your provider, please consult with both Skills on the Hill and Capitol Kids Therapy for specific information and questions to ask your insurance plan.

Daily activities:

  • Circle Time (social exchanges/greetings, reviewing schedule, answering questions)

  • Finger Play (tactile processing, fine motor development)

  • Handwriting Instruction (based on Handwriting without Tears program)

  • Snack Time & Lunch (trying new foods, social skills, sequencing, following directions)

  • Obstacle Course (sensory motor development, ideation, sequencing, turn taking)

  • Music & Movement (auditory processing, direction following, motor sequencing)

  • Craft Time (visual and fine motor skills, ideation, sequencing, perceptual skills)

  • Water Play & Changing Clothes (dressing skills, tactile, social interaction)

  • Story Time (answering questions related to a book, sequencing, relating book to life)

  • Group Activity Time (sequencing, requesting, following directions, restating directions)
  • Games & Free Play (social interactions, both structured and unstructured)

  • Excursions (fire station, museums, library, grocery store, ice cream store, playgrounds, taking a bus ride)

  • Yoga (children will participate in yoga 2-3 times per week, led by an OT who is a certified YoKids instructor)



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June 17- July 26, 2019 | Daily 9am-3pm